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The Best Used Car Dealership in El Paso Offering Certified Pre-Owned Cars

If you are looking for the new car feel at a used car price, you’ve come to the right place. We offer Certified Pre-Owned Cars at affordable prices. We have a large variety of cars, SUVs, and trucks. When you drive off our lot with one of our vehicles, you will also drive away with an excellent warranty. Not only that, we will service your car right here at our dealership when it needs regular maintenance or repairs. Our sales team is ready to help you find the best car for you and your family.

Don’t Pay for an Overpriced Car

Come Check out Our Selection of Used Cars for Sale

When you are looking at dozens of used cars for sale, you’re likely looking for the best value. When you buy a used car, you’re entering into a deal with excellent value. First of all, you don’t have to worry about depreciation! When purchasing a used car, someone has already taken care of the depreciation value for you. A car loses up to 30 percent of its value the moment it leaves the lot. That’s just not true with a used car. A lot of people feel concerned about the maintenance a used car may need, but our CPO vehicles come with a warranty! In addition, we offer a service center where we’ll handle any mechanical issues that come up.

Excellent Selling Practices at Our Used Car Dealership

Sport Auto Center utilizes excellent selling practices. A certified mechanic inspects every single vehicle on our lot. We fix any necessary issues and ensure that the vehicle is in top condition before the car is placed on the selling floor. Not only that, all our used cars for sale come with CarFax. This means that you will know every detail about any given car’s history. Our sales team is dedicated to providing the best quality and honest service. When it comes to quality vehicles with clean titles, that’s the only kind of used car we offer. If you want peace of mind at an affordable price while you search for used cars for sale, visit our used car dealership.

Our Service Center Will Meet Your Needs

You don’t have to worry about visiting a private mechanic or paying high prices at a dealership shop. We offer a full service center ready to offer maintenance or repairs to any car owner. Whether you are experiencing issues or you just need an oil change, we are available. We also honor our warranties at our service center. If you experience any problems, visit one of our mechanics and drive away with everything taken care of.

When It Comes to Buying a Used Car, Certified Pre-Owned Is the Way to Go!

When you are looking for a used car for sale you should always turn to a dealership. Dealing with private owners leaves too many unanswered questions up in the air. Not only that, finding the right car can be a real hassle. There’s also no real way to be 100% certain about the vehicle’s history. When you come to Sport Auto Center, you will find dozens of CPO vehicles. This means that the cars go through a rigorous inspection to ensure they are ready to sell. Not only that, in order for a car to be certified with this title, it has to be a late model with low mileage. You can get a nearly new car at a low price.

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When you visit us, you’ll find an honest sales team, quality Certified Pre-Owned Cars, and an excellent service center. Our used car dealership offers superior service to meet all your needs. We also have a variety of used cars at various price ranges so that everyone can find what they want at the right price for their budget. Visit or contact us today to find out more!